A Message from the Owner and Founder of Maine Vacations

Maine is in our DNA

  1. We have a Maine Heartbeat. Our team is assembled of Mainers. We understand that tourism is a huge part of Maine's economy and we have a desire to represent Maine tourism for what it is, awesome!
  2. We target Maine Experiences, not just things to do in Maine.  Our competition is so focused on having hundreds to thousands of listings that the real gold, businesses that offer Maine vacation experiences, gets buried.  Our desire is to have the best of the best listed at Maine Vacations and maintain the best possible quality of website.  We want to bring the gold, your vacation experience, to the surface and make it stand out.
  3. We have an unwavering Focus on Quality, and not quantity.  Your business presence on Maine Vacations will be surrounded by attractive photography that will keep visitors on the site longer.  We want to make sure every listing looks excellent!  The site will represent high standards in the videos chosen as well as articles and blog entries.
  4. Regular Content Updates.  Fresh articles, blog entries, and new videos are a requirement in our business.  These content updates will keep our site fighting for top position on search engines.
  5. A Quality Domain (mainevacations.com).  Being able to utilize Maine Vacations in the domain naturally makes it attractive to search engines.  This gives you a much better chance of connecting you with the vacationers that are looking for the vacation experience your business has to offer.
  6. A Better Mobile Experience.  We want the best mobile experience for your customers.  The Maine Vacations website is designed to load on any mobile or desktop device.  Mobile users have the advantage of easily using on-device navigation from your business page.  All pages are formatted correctly regardless of the modern device being used.
  7. Easiest for You!  Our platform is designed with YOU in mind.  We want your experience to be super easy, from signup, to maintaining your business page, to adding content.  However, we are here to help you if you get stuck!  We are real people and dedicated to helping you.
  8. LEADS - LEADS - LEADS - We deliver leads to your inbox!  From Discovery to Expedition, all plans include the ability to receive leads. The lead form for your page will have your own logo on it.


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