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Your LEADS straight to YOUR INBOX

All listing plans include the ability to generate leads and put those leads directly in your inbox.  Leads are accessible through your dashboard as well.  Whether free or paid, we want you to have the access you need to be successful.

You get to see YOUR TRAFFIC

Knowing if your Experience Page with Maine Vacations is working is important.  Your dashboard will give you insight to your page's traffic and help you make decisions about adding content, updating SEO, or boosting your page using banners, linking to articles, or adding deals.

You interact with your customer REVIEWS

You control interaction with your customers using the Maine Vacations review system.  Additionally, you can click the social media buttons found at the top of your review to push a post to Facebook and/or Twitter!

Facebook and Twitter Feeds on Your Experience Page

Example in screenshot of a Facebook feed:


You are in control of adding EVENTS.


Image Gallery

All plans include the ability for the experience owner to add their own images

Video Content

Maine Vacations supports video content on your page!

Add Your Own Files

We support PDF, DOC, TXT, JPG, GIF, and PNG files.  This way, we can help support those of you that require application forms or other documents that your guests might need.

Google Maps Integration

Available to all customers and works seamlessly with mobile devices.  Clicking "Get Directions" will automatically open the appropriate phone app.

Control Your SEO

We let you control your SEO... that's the way SEO should be!

Control Your HTML

We have you covered!  For many of you, just typing in basic descriptions is good enought for your Experience Page, but for those of you looking to edit HTML code, we have your back!

Add your own DEALS

You can add DEALS with the ability to add your own conditions as well (not shown in screenshot).

Instant Message Integration

Instant Messages is available on the EXPEDITION PLAN only and includes integration with Facebook, Telegram, and WhatsApp.

Why wait?  Experience the Difference